Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

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 About the project

The Your Story Matters Project is a compilation of interviews with queer and gender
diverse young people living in rural and small town communities throughout New Zealand.Lorren (1)

The Your Story Matters Project aims to provide a reclamatory space where queer and gender diverse young people can give voice to their experiences growing up in rural towns, places where LGBT identities are often erased, silenced, and ridiculed for being “different”.

By sharing these personal narratives of queer rural life with a wider audience, The Your Story Matters Project can facilitate greater connection and understanding between LGBT youth and their allies, thus helping to create more effective and meaningful forms of LGBT support in rural communities.

The Your Story Matters Project was created by Lorren Grabarek with the help of the wonderful team at RainbowYOUTH Inc.. Lorren was inspired to create The Your Story Matters Project by their own small town upbringing, interests in social justice, story-sharing,
and a personal endeavour to better understand what it means to “belong”.

How to contribute:

If you are a queer or gender-diverse young person who has lived or is living in one of New Zealand’s rural and small towns and want to share your story, you can contact Lorren via email at: [email protected]

Thanks to the awesome Ben Bridle who has worked so hard to bring us the awesome illustrations of our participants!