Submit Your Work

We want to share as many different aspects of identity and experiences of queer and gender diverse young people in Aotearoa and would love to add as many different voices to this information as we can.

What should my article be about?

Anything! So long as it:

  • Aligns with RainbowYOUTH’s kaupapa
  • Doesn’t promote violence, drugs, alcohol or smoking
  • Focuses around issues, identities or events occurring within the rainbow community (specifically in New Zealand, but also world-wide if appropriate)

What format should my article be?

It could be an interview with someone awesome in the queer and gender diverse community, sharing your own story or a formal journalistic style article on a specific aspect or issue.

Some topics we’re particularly interested in:

  • Anything to do with rural rainbow experiences
  • Takatāpui / Māori issues
  • Intersex identities
  • Bisexual / Pansexual identities
  • Gender diverse issues / identities

When you submit your work, we’ll take a look and maybe suggest some edits or work with you to develop if needed.