WaQuY – Waikato Queer Youth

Kia Ora!

Do you identify as queer? Are you questioning? Or queer friendly?

Waikato Queer Youth is based in a Hamilton location that is warm and welcoming and offers a safe, awesome space for all youth.

Our meetings are: 4.30 – 6.30pm every week on Mondays in Hamilton CBD

Our Beyond Binary group meets fortnightly on Mondays

Waikato Queer Youth also provides sexual diversity workshops covering the Waikato  looking at sexual orientation and gender identity issues, the impact of homophobia and coming out, and how to create a safer school  and work environment for all.

We are also a part of a local group called POSH (Providers of Sexual Health) who are a group with representatives from various agencies and organizations who are planning to work together to educated on issues and topics related to Sexual health across a wide spectrum.

Connect on Facebook or our Tumblr:  http://waquy.tumblr.com/